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Cajun Feast is a Cajun and Asian fusion restaurant, incorporating flavors of Cajun and Chinese. Cajun Feast had an aspiration to open a restaurant that sold seafood boil but the restaurant is located in a collegetown, we wanted to cater to college students. In order to do that, they combined affordable quick and easy chinese food, including value meals.



How long has the restaurant been open?

Cajun Feast has been open since January 2020.

Is the seafood in the seafood boil fresh?

The seafood in the seafood boil is frozen in order to keep the seafood sourced.


What is the house special sauce?

Cajun Feast has two different types of house special sauces.


The house special sauce for the seafood boil has a blend of cajun flavors and our signature flavors.


As for the house special sauce in the create your own dish, the sauce is infused with a variety of dark soy based sauces that gives it our signature flavor. 

Does Cajun Feast have any vegan options?

Cajun Feast does not offer any vegan options.


Do you have more question about Cajun Feast?

Let us know and we will have it answered.

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